Sunday, February 12, 2012

Parlor desk fair entry---

Well, I have been looking for a unique piece of furniture that I can build to enter into the fair..  I haven't been able to find anything that I thought would be challenging and that would be a nice fair entry (if I could do a good enough job)...   But, I did find this PARLOR DESK on page 36 in the American Girl Christmas magazine and I thought it would be perfect.  So I decided to build one of these desks for full size people and this is what I have come up with.....It is very different and I have never seen one of these in my whole life.     6 legs and kinda weird but you can sit and write a letter or pay bills or what ever---


Sunday, August 14, 2011


Well I said that I would post the information about the Rib and Chili competition at the VFW here in hesperia------There was about 30 cookers the public was inivited to be fed by the VFW for $7 and they were permited to sample the Ribs and Chili at each of the competitors stations.   Even though the judges decided that another Rib and Chili cooker other than me was to win, I did have a great time and my (home made ultimate rib machine) was the envy of all the other competors.. They had of course their (store bought) BBQs .

This home made rib cooker makes it easy to control and maintain a great temperature and I choose the type of wood that I use for the smoke--I like Apple wood for a mild smoke.  There was about 200 sample tasters and I was very happy with the coments made by a lot of them when they came back to my booth and told me that (in their opinion) they thought  my ribs were the best of all the other competitors.  --too bad the judges didn't think so.....but I cook for me, my family and friends and if the judges like them, ok, and if they don't, oh well.   It might be noted that I did get my picture in the paper and the others did not---ha ha

Also, I think maybe my chili was a little to hot for the tender mouths of the sissies doing the judging.  But many sample tasters liked it real well.

  So there it is, I am looking forward to the next one--It is fun competing even if l don't win, I LOVE MY RIBS and I love to cook em.  ha ha

Now I am getting ready for a high priest social at my place this Saturday the 20th---I am doing steaks to order, BBQ corn-on the cob, backed potaotes and the folks coming are bringing the salads.  Should be 50 to 60 people and lots of fun------

sorry for any mis-spelled words--I aint had much learning!  ha ha

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Spotlite on Caleb Packard

Caleb is 12 years old and a Deacon in the church.  As most of the family knows, Caleb loves to play and of all the grandkids, he is probably the most like me.  Sorry Caleb, but, the facts are the facts.   It is hard to get him interested in the kinds of stuff that we all would like him to be interested in.  B U T- Some changes are happening that started about a month ago and maybe a little before that.   Caleb came to me and asked if I would let him come to the barn and teach him to do a little wood work---WOW!!  was I excited to hear this.......So, we talked about what kind of project that he would like to do.  He decided that he would like to make a small  (about 8" X 10" X 6")   junk box for a friend of his and put his friends initials on it.  So I picked him up one morning and we went to Riverside to the hardwood store.  Him and I looked at all the hardwood from the comon stuff like maple, oak, mohagany, cherry, walnut and we looked at all the specialty woods from other countries.  We felt the wood and smelled the wood and looked at the different grains.  Caleb picked out some African Paduak (bright orange wood) and some Cedar.  He wanted to combine the woods to make this box.  Then we went back to the barn and got to work.

Caleb learned all the safety issues and how to use the table saw, the radial arm saw, the scrol saw, belt sanders, the 12' disc sander, the orbital spindal sander and all the hand tools--he learned very quickly and I think he has quit a tallent for wood.  I told him that a large part of wood work is enjoying the smell of the fresh cut wood and the saw dust on the floor and these things are very important parts of wood work.

Caleb learned to use the router to make dovetail joints for the corners of his box and did very well.  he learned how to glue and put the sides and end pieces together using clamps.  He also learned the  importance of the different grits of sang paper and the effects they have on the wood.
Caleb learned how to in-set the initials of his friend into the lid of the box and using a different kind of wood so that it kinda stood out.   He also wanted a 1" strip of cedar wood in the sides and ends of the box for contrast and it looked very nice.

You can't see them very well, but caleb made feet to go on the bottom of the box that raised the box off the surface about 1 inch.  Then he put a little brass knob on the lid and brass hinges.  This is the finished product and I thought he did a great job in only 2 days in the barn.

N O W  I will tell you a little about Calebs other exciting things that he is doing.  Caleb went to Wrestling Camp at Chapman University in Fullerton.  He checked in and started workouts and spent 5 days learning all he could about wrestling (Caleb is very strong for his size and age).   Then after a gruling week, he competed in the tournament.  There was about 200 other wrestlers.  Caleb pined his first two matches but lost the last one and got a 2nd place ribbons.  Not too bad for his very first tournament and we were all very proud.  He competed like a champion and held his head up high.  I think he will be a great wrestler with a little more experience.  I hope he sticks with it and competes in high school in a year or two.

Caleb Has just started his first year of football.  He should be a real asset to the team and we can hardly wait to see him play.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Rib and Chili competition--

This should be fun--A rib and chili competition put on by the Veterans of Foreign Wars here in Hesperia.  I have been told that their are cookers coming from several states to compete.  Altho I think I can be very competitive for both chili and ribs, I think the best part is cooking for fun.....

I had to weld some wheels onto my (home made) Rib cooker so I can load it on the trailor--everything has to be cooked on site and my rib cooker does an exellent job.  Oh, and by the way, I am rounding up some SPECIAL Mystery Meat for the chili--ha ha ha    This should be a hoot.  It is Saturday 7/30 so I have about a week to get things together.......I will do another post when it is over to let you know how my chili and ribs did.......  

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grandma's Terriffic Sewing Camp

LaWanna,  (Grandma), has been wanting for some time now to put on a sewing camp for all her grand daughters.  Her goal is to increase interest and hopefully a great love for sewing for her grandaughters as she has had all her life. You might say it is "IN THE BLOOD".  Aunt Monna loves to sew, my grandmother Great Granny was a super seamstress for years and years and my mother was a great seamstress sewing draperies as a contractor for JC Pennies, Broadway and some other department stores.  She also made all of my shirts and my sisters dresses all thru our school years.  So, all of these grand daughters have the long background of sewing in their blood.

As it turns out, we have 9 grandaughters, but only 6 are old enough to learn to sew on a sewing machine.  They are:  Bailey 12, Skylar 9, Campbell and Sydney 7, Holly 6 and the youngest is Quincy 5.  Grandma has lots of help from Mindy and Merilee, as the picture indicates.  It will be really somethiing when the other three grand daughters, Heidi 2 1/2, Greta 18 mos and Mackinly 3 mos. can join the fun with all their girl cousins at grandma's sewing camp.  Our 9 grand sons were NOT invited to the "all girl" sewing camp.

Next is DAY ONE:  


These are the six machines that the kids were being trained on.  To start with, Grandma went over the safety of the machines.  Then they learned how to use the machine and all the things about the machines that do different things.  Thenthey started sewing on paper, following straight lines and then curves.  Then she had a dot-to dot picture and they had to connect the dots by sewing one to another.   (Grandma has it all figured out and is SOOO organized) and the girls loved sewing.

Also on the first day, the girls made some PJ bottoms for their dolls.  They used this for training for the next days challenge, (making their own colorful shorts).


After breakfast the girls got started on making themselves some shorts.  Grandma had already got the patterns ready for them and so they started at the cutting table getting their materials organized for sewing. Grandma also had little sewing boxes made up for each girl with sizzers, thimble, needles, pins, tape measure and a needle threader in each.  WOW, these girls were set.  Now they learned to sew the cut pieces of material together, iron the flat, sew in the place where the elastic goes on top, sew up the bottom and that took the whole day--of course there were breaks and lunch in there.


Well on day three the girls were given colorful shirts that grandma had set up for each girl and they had the assignment of selecting some decorations to sew on the shirts.  With the help of the internet, they all made their selections, cut them out of material of their choice and ironed them on to the shirts and then started sewing the decorations around the edge and adding buttons and other fancy things--What great looking shirts.  There was plenty of time for all the cousins to play in between sewing.  Here they are swinging and playing with Millie and her toy.  Every one loves Millie.  Ethel (bloodhound) is just waiting for food.



Well now after 3 grulling days of sewing, what could be better than having a fashion show to show off what the girls have created.  So, invitations were made up and delivered, brownies and ice cream was prepared, chairs set up and the guests arrived and enjoyed the girls struting their stuff.  From first to last: Bailey, Skylar, Campbell, Sydney, Holly and of course Quincy.  They did such a super job and everyone loved it.  You might notice also that the camp host and helpers also made shorts and decorated shirts.  Ha Ha  what a hoot.


Day five is a day of play, rest and reflecting on the first and TOTALLY SUCCESSFUL sewing camp.  Accept, of course, for the camp cook------ME!     No rest yet, it aint over till it is over, so I prepared a BBQ of 4 large chickens, corn on the cob, my famous baked beans and macaroni  salad using my moms original special recipe.  I felt obligated to do all the cooking, cleaning and swatting flys all week--breakfast, lunch and dinner, so that grandma and helpers could focus stricly on the girls.  I still have dish pan hands.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Brothers Koford and The Constuction Job.

While visiting the Kofords in Visalia while the newest of our grandchildren (McKinley) was having surgery, it was important for Owen and Henry to get started on building some shelves and a work bench for their parents to store stuff and so this first picture is a "before" picture.

Now that the problem has been identified, it is time to get started.  So a trip to Home Depot is in order and here we are getting the necessary supplies to build something cool.

Now after unloading the lumber and setting up the saw horses, we got to work.  It is a tough job but as you can see the Brothers Koford are up to the challenge.

As you can tell, these fine brothers, working together as a well oiled machine, made quick work of the job and WOW, what a difference it made in the garage.  Their mom and dad (Emily & Tim) are so proud.  And also, little McKinley surgery went very well and she will soon be joining this construction team.    

Monday, June 20, 2011

Spotlight on Tristan Packard

This is Tristan Packard.  My first born grand child.  His father is my son, Chad.  Tristan is 14 years old and this is a picture taken just a week ago at his graduation into High School.

Tristan has worked very hard to perfect his baseball skills, particularly  PITCHING and BATTING.  Tristan was notified just tonite that he was voted by fellow team mates and league coaches to the all prestigous ALL-STAR TEAM--in this league that he is in, is the 14 to 16 year olds and he is one of the youngest players in the league--I tried to make it to most of his games to watch him pitch and hit.  In most of the games that he pitched, he struck out 2 batters in most innings and held the other team scoreless most of the time.  He also cranked many long hits and scored many runs.  Tristan is certainly to be admired and is a great example for all my other grand kids.

Tristan has started "hell week" this week for high school football.  He is on a wieght lifting program and conditioning and  working out with the quarterbacks.  This is a little different for us Packards, usually we are on the linemen.  I sure hope he excells and enjoys football and baseball in high school.